Our Brand

Inspired by Music, Self-Expression
and Sustainability

RocknSocks was founded by designer Misty Reilly. As a music fan, she decided to bring funky and fashionable eco-friendly socks to rock-n-roll music festivals. That is where the name RocknSocks came from and a business was born.

Ranging from classic strips contemporary patterns, we feature sock designs to inspire anyone to be bold, creative and stylish. From our inception,we chose to make a product that we are proud to call environmentally friendly and American Made. Using regenerated cotton as our textile of choice, we pride ourselves on delivering product that minimizes the waste of valuable resources.

Recycling and up-cycling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make difference in our world.We extend this practice from the ground up.All of our packaging and marketing materials are made with 100% recycle paper stocks and non-toxic vegetable based printing inks. On a day to day basis,our company users earth-friendly and recycled office products and sustainable energy sources.

At RocknSocks we believe that if we are going to do business today’s crazy world then it must be done thoughtfully and intentionally, making the right choices for our environment, our communities ,our customers and ourselves. We have a responsibility to be part of the solution to the many environmental challenges that we all face.For us,sustainability involves looking at our current practices and identifying on a continual basis areas in which we can improve.

RocknSocks, earth friendly foot fashions are available in boutiques and natural food stores all over USA and Canada, as well as online.

Our Brand