What is Regenerated Cotton?

We do not use old socks to make new socks.
RocknSocks are knit in the USA using an innovative recycled fiber. Regenerated cotton is spun by a family-owned “throwing” company using scraps of new cotton cloth left over from clothing manufacture waste. This process is called cotton “regeneration,” because it creates new yarn from pre-consumer fabric that is otherwise bound for the incinerator.
T-shirt and sweater scraps, in particular, are cut and blended to make the wonderful heather, jewel and earth colors you love on your feet when you’re wearing RocknSocks. That cotton fiber is then refined, carded and a small amount of a “sliver” fiber (acrylic) is spun into the yarn to give strength, durability and rebound to the lovely soft yarn that characterizes every RocknSock. 
So when you buy RocknSocks, you’re helping diminish the amount of waste going into landfills as well as saving all the water, chemicals, incinerator emissions, electricity, sewage and transportation energy it would take to make the same things from virgin cotton. 
RocknSocks yarns are certified by Oeko-Tex 100 and Made in Green, meaning they are guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals and are manufactured under strict social standards.