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About RocknSocks 

RocknSocks Over the Knee Socks 

Inspired by Music, Art, and Sustainability.


RocknSocks was developed by designer Misty Reilly. As a music fan, she wanted to create a business that contributed to her lifestyle of attending music events. Her husband was always forgetting to pack his socks and would have to borrow hers and it got her thinking about the fact that you can get a whole new wardrobe from independent designers at these music festivals but not some basic accessories. It all came together, when she decided to bring funky and fashionable eco-friendly socks to rock-n-roll music festivals. That is where the name RocknSocks came from and a business was born.


Inseparable from her vision was a desire to develop the business sustainably, using eco-friendly materials and domestically sourced manufacturing. “I wasn’t exactly sure what material I wanted to work with yet, when we started the business, but in going through our research, we discovered regenerated cotton. It’s a wonderful fiber to use because it allows me as a designer to maximize my color palette with minimal environmental impact. Since it’s not virgin cotton, we do not need to go through the dying process. Coming from a graphic design background, I love to play with color and texture. So having good color choices is important.”


At first they took their socks on the road to music festivals with a wagon pulled along by a tricycle. The original sock peddlers! Now, RocknSocks are available in boutiques and natural food stores all over the USA and Canada, as well as online.


Ranging from classic stripes to contemporary patterns, we feature sock designs to inspire anyone to be bold and stylish. Be the Rockin’ Sock Star that you are!