After attending some recent trade shows the intrepid sock specialists at RocknSocks couldn't help noting that a vast majority of sock companies and large department / retail stores import their socks and apparel from China and other overseas manufacturers. A recent report from ABC News found that it's a stark example of a stunning fact: Some 98 percent of the clothing purchased in the United States is imported from abroad. Just two percent of clothing bought in this country is manufactured on U.S. soil. Furthermore, socks and hosiery made in the USA make up less than 1% of the total bought in this country. The product will always be cheaper from China but at what cost to our country?  Check out the report here:

ABC News Report "Made in America Clothing"

So remember when you buy RocknSocks you are supporting a socially conscious company that supports several domestic sock manufacturers in the good old USA! Furthermore they are committed to using sustainable textiles such as Re-Generated cotton yarns that save energy and resources in the production of the socks. Check out the latest styles in Thigh High, Over the Knee, Knee High, Crew and Ankle lengths at!